Mariam Mkhatvari - Project Coordinator

Mariam Mkhatvari - Project Coordinator

Mariam Mkhatvari joined the team of "Rights Georgia" in October, 2020.

Before joining "Rights in Georgia", Mariam was a lawyer/researcher at the "Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC)" (2016-2018) and later held the position of Project Coordinator in the same organization (2018-2019). Advocacy for institutional reforms in the judiciary, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and the State Security Service have been the key areas of Mariam's work while being at EMC. Besides, she was also involved in the strategic litigation processes.

Earlier in 2014-2016, Mariam, as a visiting specialist, worked for the State Constitutional Commission established by the Parliament of Georgia. Within the mandate of the Constitutional Commission, Mariam’s main responsibilities included the organization of the sessions, the conduct of the researches, and the collaboration and coordination with representatives of international and local organizations.

As for Mariam's educational background, in 2009-2013, she studied at Tbilisi State University (Faculty of Law), where she further completed her studies at the master's level. Later in 2019-2020, while studying at the Central European University (CEU), Mariam obtained Master's degree in Comparative Constitutional Law.

Mariam is the author and co-author of different documents, including researches and shadow reports. She has participated in numerous national and international conferences.


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