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7 September, 2021

A foreigner shall be granted right of temporary stay in Georgia, if owing to the following circumstances he or she cannot be removed from Georgia:

•    Where he/she is persecuted for political opinions or for activities not regarded as a crime under the legislation of Georgia;
•    Where he/she is persecuted for protecting peace and human rights, for engaging in progressive social, political, scientific, and creative activities;
•    Where his/her life or health is threatened;
•    The person cannot be identified;
•    No state agrees to accept a foreigner subject to removal.

An authorised body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia shall make decision on granting the right of temporary stay to foreigners in Georgia and on extending the period of such stay. 

In specific circumstances stipulated in Georgian legislation, the temporary identity card shall be issued to a foreigner for one year.

The project team of Rights Georgia will provide you with the qualified legal consultations and legal assistance on a per need basis on right of temporary stay in Georgia within the project “Assistance to foreigners in expulsion and non-refoulement proceedings and research on the legal status issues of migrants”.

The contact information of the project staff:

Hotline: +995 577 282 277
Email: office@rights.ge


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