Empowering Female Victims of Violence through Strategic Litigation

1 July, 2022

Project Title: Empowering Female Victims of Violence through Strategic Litigation

Project Duration: July 2022 – February 2024

Funding: USD 101,675.06

Project Supporter: USAID Rule of Law Program

Project Goal: Protection of rights and support the access to the justice of the female victims of sexual harassment, domestic violence, domestic crime, sexual and other violent as well as gender-motivated crimes.

Project Objectives:

Within the framework of the project “Rights Georgia” will be focused on changing vicious practices in Georgia and, as a result of strategic litigation, in line with the international standards and the best European practices, establishing and developing gender-specific, sensitive, victim-oriented, and victimologically safe practices.

The project will also seek increasing the awareness of female victims (or potential victims) of violence about their legal rights, and the protective and supporting measures that are available to them, especially in regions populated by religious and ethnic minorities. 


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