Promoting the Protection of Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Manifestation in Georgia

1 March, 2021

Project Title: Promoting the Protection of Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Manifestation in Georgia

Project Duration:  March, 2021 - September, 2021

Project Supporter: The project is implemented in cooperation with the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, with the support of the Human Rights House Foundation, and the financial contribution of the European Union. 

Project Objectives: 

Project foresees the following objectives:

- Improvement of the legal framework governing assembly and manifestation, in line with the standards and positive obligations established by the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;

- Provision of the legal support for LGBTQ community members, journalists, civil activists, human rights defenders, and peaceful demonstrators in general, including representation of their interests before national courts and administrative bodies;

- Raising awareness about the rights and responsibilities of protesters and positive commitments of the State.


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