Monitoring the Activities of the High Council of Justice and the Independent Inspector

21 April, 2020

Project Title:  Monitoring the Activities of the High Council of Justice and the Independent Inspector

Project Duration: April 02, 2020  - December 31, 2020

Project Supporter: USAID Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia (PROLoG) Activity implemented by the Eeat-West Management Institute

Project Goal: The project goal is to contribute to establishing a fair and effective judicial disciplinary system.

Project Objectives:

The project objectives are to contribute to a) preventing arbitrary disciplining of judges; b) ensuring effective responses to disciplinary offences committed by judges, which will serve as a general and specific deterrence for future reoffending; and c) ensuring compliance of disciplinary procedures with international standards.

The project plans to achieve these by monitoring disciplinary procedures, analyzing the relevant national legislation and practice, identifying shortcomings that hinder the judicial disciplinary system from functioning fairly and effectively and by advocating changes based on international standards and pursuing strategic litigation. 



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