An important decision ordering the perpetrator to pay moral damages to the woman victim of violence

4 December, 2023

Rights Georgia has achieved another success in the case of protecting and strengthening the rights of women victims of violence. In particular, the organization's lawyers demanded that the perpetrator be ordered to pay moral damages in the amount of 10,000 GEL for systematic violence against the woman. The Rustavi City Court granted the request. The court's decision is particularly important because it is a very rare practice in Georgia to impose compensation for moral damages on the perpetrator and to set this amount as compensation for a victim.

Rights Georgia is satisfied that Judge Mamuka Nozadze of Rustavi City Court fully shared the arguments and evidence presented by the organization's lawyers, which proved the facts of the violence committed against the female victim and the moral damage caused to her, and ordered the perpetrator to pay 10,000 GEL.

It is also important to note that at the request of Rights Georgia's lawyers, the female victim made a testimony to the judge remotely, thus avoiding contact between the victim and the perpetrator and minimizing the risk of secondary victimization.

This decision is another step towards women's economic empowerment, which Rights Georgia implements through strategic litigation.

A victim of violence approached Rights of Georgia in March 2023. The woman's ex-husband has been serving a sentence since April 2021 for committing acts of domestic violence based on gender intolerance.

Rights Georgia is conducting this case with support from USAID Rule of Law Program.


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