Iranian blogger granted international protection in Georgia after an 8-year legal battle

7 July, 2023

With the help of Rights Georgia, J.G., a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was granted refugee status in Georgia. The court case against the Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior lasted 8 years.

While living in Iran, J.G. worked at a training center and taught blogging. He has published 2 books and is the author of numerous articles.

He spoke openly about the protests and movements after the presidential elections in Iran and gave interviews to such media as BBC and VoA. He published articles and blogs on the political and socio-economic structure of Iran. He expressed his desire to actively cooperate with America and implement changes in Iran's political system and signed petitions sent to the U.S. president.

Iran's security services have been trying to cooperate with the blogger since 1996, asking him to provide information about his students and associates. In 2009, his educational department was closed. In 2010, the security service accused him of collaborating with anti-Islamic organizations and arrested him.

An Iranian blogger was temporarily released from prison in exchange for real estate as a guarantee and left the country, fearing that he would be arrested again for his activities and that his life would be in real danger.

He lived in Armenia for 5 years. In September 2015, after a disagreement with the Iranian authorities and a person connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, he came to Georgia and applied for asylum.

The administrative body did not consider that he would be at risk of arrest and execution if he returned to Iran, and twice denied him international protection status in 2016 and 2021.

The decision of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior was appealed again in 2022, and finally, through the efforts of Rights Georgia lawyer Nino Khetsadze, the Tbilisi Court of Appeal granted the Iranian blogger international protection on June 30, 2023.

Rights Georgia provided free legal assistance to the Iranian beneficiary under the UNHCR-funded project "Protecting and Empowering Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Humanitarian Status Holders, and Stateless Persons in Georgia".


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