Russian blogger Insa Oguz has arrived in the Republic of Lithuania

29 June, 2022

Russian blogger Insa Oguz arrived in the Republic of Lithuania this morning. She was allowed to leave the so-called neutral zone and cross the Georgian border by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on June 27. Representatives of the Ministry brought Insa Oguz from the Dariali border checkpoint to Tbilisi on the same day.

“Rights Georgia” became involved in the case of Insa Oguz on June 14 and started to protect her interests in several directions. The organization filed an administrative lawsuit in the City Court on June 17, requesting access to asylum procedures and an interlocutory ruling for Insa Oguz.

At the same time, “Rights Georgia” applied to the European Court of Human Rights on June 20 to grant access to asylum procedures for Insa Oguz by using an interim measure. In response to this request, the European Court of Human Rights began communicating with the parties on June 22 - sending the questions to the applicant and the State and setting a deadline of June 29 for submission of the answers. On June 27, Georgia made a decision to let Insa Oguz into the country. Therefore, submission of answers to the European Court no longer became necessary. “Rights Georgia” already notified the European Court on this issue yesterday.

Blogger, a citizen of the Russian Federation Insa Oguz has been at the Dariali Border Checkpoint since June 12, 2022, in a so-called neutral zone. On June 12, she was refused to enter the Georgian territory for touristic purposes by the authorized employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On June 13, Oguz again requested to cross the Georgian border and the international protection (asylum). These requests of Insa Oguz were denied.

“Rights Georgia” was representing the interests of Insa Oguz at a national level as well as before the European Court of Human Rights.


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