With the Support of the European Union and ASB Georgia, “Rights Georgia” has Opened a Free Legal Aid Center in Chiatura

14 June, 2022

On June 14, 2022, with the Support of the European Union and ASB Georgia, the Legal Aid Center of the non-governmental organization “Rights Georgia” was opened in Chiatura, which will provide free legal assistance to the local population in cases related to gender-based and domestic violence.

Within the framework of legal aid, the qualified lawyers of “Rights Georgia" will provide legal consultations to the beneficiaries, as well as represent their interest before administrative bodies and common courts, in criminal, civil, and administrative law cases.

The Legal Aid Center in Chiatura was solemnly opened by Mr. Clemens von Heimendahl, Country Director of ASB Georgia, and Mr.  Lado Mkervalishvili, Executive Director of “Rights Georgia”. Representatives of the self-government of Chiatura municipality, the judiciary, the media, and civil society organizations attended the opening ceremony.

“Access to free legal aid for victims of gender-based and domestic violence is especially important in geographically isolated regions, where there is a lack of various services,” - said Lado Mkervalishvili, director of “Rights Georgia.” “The newly opened legal aid center will be available not only for the population of Chiatura municipality, but also for the neighboring Sachkhere municipality,” - he added. 

The Legal Aid Center was opened in Chiatura within the framework of the project "Provide Access to Support for Survivors of Gender-based and Domestic Violence", which is implemented by "Rights Georgia" and four other non-governmental organizations (Abkhazintercont, Open Space Caucasus; Media Center Kakheti;  Together for Real Changes)  with the support of the European Union and ASB Georgia.

Apart from Chiatura, similar legal aid centers have commenced operations in Kakheti and Racha since last month.


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