Nana Mchedlidze - Member of the Board

Nana Mchedlidze - Member of the Board

Nana Mchedlidze was elected to Rights Georgia's Board on May 28, 2020.

Nana Mchedlidze is a prominent and widely recognized strategic litigation expert, with over 2 decades of progressive experience in domestic and international organizations, as well as over three dozen publications on strategic litigation in domestic and international courts, among others, with a strong emphasis on gender equality, domestic violence-related cases, vulnerable/ethnic minority-related cases. 

Nana has been serving as an adviser for various international organizations, including being an ECHR expert of the US Embassy Department of Justice, CoE, UNDP. In January 2020, she joined Rights Georgia's team as a strategic litigation expert.

Nana is alumni of the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Law and Practice Programme, University of Birmingham, LL.M in International Development Law and Human Rights, University of Warwick, the United Kingdom, and LL.M in International and EU Law, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Ms. Nana is currently working on a Ph.D. in human rights protection.


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